The brief story of Investing

Stock Exchange - Overview, Purpose, and Examples

Investment is the concept of accumulation of wealth mainly the money and it is expected that in future it will give income or profit. The people who are interested in investment they have to keep in mind that risk and return go side by side in investment. The more risk lover persons have the maximum chance of gaining high returns and the low risk lovers have the less probability of earning high in future.

Types of Investing:

Stocks, bonds, funds are the most common tools of investment. A stock buyer of a company is the owner of the company fractionally. They are called shareholders. They become participating members of the growth of appreciation of stock price. They get regular dividends which are the company’s profits.

Buying a bond implies that someone holds shares of government, municipality and corporation’s entities. For which he receives interest payments periodically and the will get the bond’s face value at the time maturity.

Funds are the way of investors in investment in stocks, bonds and shares. Mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF) are the two types of funds in the market. ETFs trade in the stock exchange market and the mutual funds are being valued at the end of the trading day. It cannot be traded on the exchange market.

Brief discussion of types of investing:

The main aim of active investing is to beat the index through management of the investment portfolio. On the other side, in the case of passive investing it is hard to best the index with consistency.

Story of birth of investing:

History books tell that most of the cases of investing occurred in Europe in the 16th century. Itv is believed that the Dutch East India Company was the forerunner of foreign direct investment in the capitalism era.

Rules and Importance of investment:

Investing is important for making money work for someone. The people who earn money by working hard should allow their money to grow . And also create an extra income stream after retirement.

Veterans advise that before investing, someone should have knowledge about the company in which they will decide to invest. Investment needs proper planning, research and analysis of the market. To be successful in investing, one should not follow the crowd rather he should believe in own instinct, decision making ability. Investors should always be ready for a volatile market and investment should always be at the margin of safety.


Investing at is the concept of buying assets so that these buying assets will help in growing money in future. But saving is a different story where people set aside money for their crisis period. The risk averse people love to save money and the risk lovers prefer to invest over saving.


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